In 1989 after 2 years of analysis, careful consideration and by popular request, I decided to create the 1st European show on an international scale dedicated to knives of artistic merit as well as being extremely collectable.

I would never have imagined, two years beforehand with the creation of the European magazine « La Passion des Couteaux », that we would meet with  success in arousing such keen interest in it.

I’ve had the pleasure over the 26 years of the SICAC of introducing more than 700 different knife makers* from almost 30 countries to a great number of collectors.

Part of the vocation of the SICAC is to welcome not only the big names in the world of knife making but also young fans and novices who today are up there with the best on the international scene.

I would remind you that the first time Harumi Hirayama exhibited somewhere other than in Japan, as well as Bob Loveless and Ray Appleton outside of the USA, was at the SICAC.

As for some of the other  greatest names in the USA, Ron Lake, Michael Walker, Wolfgang Loerchner, Virgil England, Gill Hibben, Larry Fuegen, Jim Kelso, Steve Johnson etc., … they have all honoured us with their presence on numerous occasions, not to mention our dear friend Jurgen Steinhau who was present 7 years running at the SICAC.

In 26 years, almost all the most important  artists in the world of knife making have been present at the SICAC.

Although some of these great names are still in activity today, the world of custom -made knives has evolved and there are hundreds of new, talented knife makers who have joined the ranks of these forerunners.

Today, as in the world of fashion, tastes change. Collectors are perhaps more « users » than before and they are looking for items both esthetically pleasing and functional, displaying noble materials – precious woods, mammoth ivory, mother of pearl but also more trendy materials like titanium, anodized aluminium, carbon fibre.

At the SICAC it’s not a particular style of knife making or a current trend which is highlighted. Our thousands of collectors are lucky enough to discover a large panoply of craftsmen who each bring something  from their country of origin, the splendour and diversity of a different culture which is incorporated into the particular knife they are creating.

* See Heading « List of Exhibitors »